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It is fun and rewarding to share my love of photography and flying to others, as an Enrichment Lecturer aboard cruise ships for the last several years. I give four presentations utilizing power point, rich with photos, and Pro tips. I offer three presentations on photography and one on flying.

You and Your Camera
Travel Photographer Jake Jacobs shares techniques the pros use when taking photos on the run. Action, Angles, Posing, Correct Film Use, Outdoor Lighting and more!

Your Memories Don't Have to Fade—The Digital Rage
Why are digital cameras outselling film cameras? Join expert photographer Jake Jacobs as he explains how this new technology can make your pictures better and your life easier!

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark! Secrets of the Night Time Photographer
Jake will show you the tricks expert photographers use to capture the "city of lights" and other great sights at night. Beanbags, Tripods, Flash Use and more!

Flying—Subsonic and Supersonic
How does it feel to break the sound barrier? How does a wing generate lift? Don't spill the passengers champagne! Become privy to the inside scoop—including how they handle jet lag—direct from the cockpit with fighter pilot, Captain Jake Jacobs.


More about Jake Jacobs

With a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and a combined love of photography and flying, my dream has come true, having been a professional photographer for over four decades and flown jet aircraft for 38 years. I flew USAF fighters for 9 years, and then 29 years as an airline pilot. Flew the last 18 years as Captain on the DC-9, MD-88, Boeing 727, 757, 767 and Lockheed L1011 TriStar.

My first salable photographs were those of the supersonic jet fighter interceptor I was flying while based in Europe during the cold war in the early 60's. Shooting, developing and printing photos since my pre-teen days, my love of this medium evolved into a professional endeavor beginning in 1964. Later, I managed to balance two careers, flying as a pilot for a major airline while also creating memorable portrait and wedding photographs.

Throughout my lifetime, I have sharpened my photographic skills while living in Europe, attending workshops, and during extensive trips abroad on land and sea. Shooting various film formats, from 35mm to medium format film, and currently (since 1998) delving full time into digital photography, I am at home in both the traditional "wet" darkroom, as well as the latest "dry, digital, darkroom. It is always fun and a challenge to constantly update my skills by attending workshops such as Nikon's Advanced Digital Workflow School, Adobe's Photoshop Seminars and the renowned Santa Fe Photo Workshops, in order to stay abreast of the latest technological advances.

Now retired from flying since 1997, I am enjoying devoting my full time to professional photography.

So many possibilities...

Smiling faces of our loved ones and friends, to be enjoyed by all who see the photographic images of our family portraits for decades to come, are part of why we want our photos taken and preserved. Memories may fade, but are reawakened in clear focus by professionally made photos. Fine art photography of your family, children and friends, are recorded with the finest professional digital cameras in a relaxed, comfortable, easy setting.

The ability to switch from color to black and white enhances the lighting, so expressions and poses can become the influencing factors of your portraits. An outdoor family portrait on the beach or lakefront, with soft, golden, sunset lighting, provides warm faces, and personal impressions that are expertly recorded and preserved digitally. Setting the scene for child photography, by letting kids be kids, results in candid, cool pictures with happy, smiling faces. Children enjoy the easy going, fun times, which is evident in the photos. Photographs of your high school and college students, add to their collage of life, with reflections of good times and precious moments.

Portrait, Children, Students, Nature, Travel, Aviation, Entertainment and Fun Times photography are part of my photo gallery and main artistic thrust.

I invite you to call me and let's talk. Giving talks on "Photography and Flying," as a Cruise Ship Enrichment Lecturer, permits me to help others with their photography and flying interests, while traveling and photographing other beautiful places in our world.

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